Minas Brazilian Steakhouse

When Carolina Lopez, originally from Costa Rica, and Jose Monte, originally from Brazil, met while working in a restaurant in Calgary, they hardly imagined they would realize their joint dream of opening their own restaurant in only a few short years. The restaurant design is inspired by what you would see in the town of Ouro Preto or “Black Gold”, a mining town rich in Brazilian culture, and this family run restaurant's recipes feel akin to a wonderful home cooked feast.

Jose pioneered Brazilian cuisine in a number of countries such as Japan, China and Mongolia, before settling here in Calgary. Now married and partners in the restaurant, the couple are committed to the authenticity of real Brazilian food and employ traditional techniques and spicing while blending Brazilian tradition with contemporary flair. Jose runs the kitchen or “back of the house.” Carolina helps, and runs the “front of the house.”



They offer a large selection of succulent meats, hot dishes and freshly prepared salads, the meats all roasted in large rotisseries. The Passadores bring skewers right to your table and carve the ones you would like, then keep coming around until you turn your card over. They also offer a checklist where you can mark off the dishes you prefer. Choices of meats include Picanha, one of their signature cuts of beef that is surrounded by a blanket of fat that lends more flavour and juiciness; Leg of Lamb simply marinated with sea salt, cooked to medium rare; Fraldina skirt steak, and other specialties, plus additional seasonal features.

The buffet items include hot dishes, vegetable salads, and fruits. You’ll find Pickled Vegetables, Caesar Salad and Carolina Salad (mixed greens with straberries and poppyseed dressing); Black Bean Stew, slowly simmered with pork, sausage, beef and bacon; Beef Stew With Vegetables; Fried Polenta, in-house made with stir-fried onions, and red peppers, deep fried, cut into strips and sprinkled with parmesan; and much, much more.

Order the Café de Coador, a Brazilian cloth filtered espresso straight from the state of Minas Gerais served right at your table. As a family business, the delicious fresh pastries offered at the dessert table are lovingly prepared by Carolina’s mother and Minas Pastry Chef, Cecilia.

Check out Minas Market for their authentic Brazilian take away specialties, frozen homemade cheese bread, appetizers, and all kinds of meat cuts to barbecue at home.