You need to be at Calgary Beerfest this year – Here’s why!

There are a lot of things we’ve missed the past couple of years. Some of those things have been great, like the need to wear pants to meetings (No need to wear pants on a Zoom call #AmIRIght?). But others, like the chance to gather together as a community, have been very hard. That’s why we’re so excited that the Calgary International Beerfest is returning to the BMO Centre on Stampede Park this coming May 6th & 7th.

We’ve got lots of things to look forward to at Beerfest this year, but here are top 5 favourites:

Eat, Drink & Be Merry! In addition to the over 200 breweries, distilleries, cideries, meaderies and RTD (ready to drink beverages) you can sample at the festival, you’ll also be able to taste delicious food from over 30 fantastic local pubs, restaurants, and eateries. Yummy is spelled B-E-E-R-F-E-S-T!
Be the Hermione Granger of Beerfest! – The ever-popular RAHR Malting Brew Master Seminars and the Alberta Pork Cooking with Beer Seminars are back and will give you the chance to be the ‘Best In Your Year’ by learning what beers pair well with what foods and hearing cool stories behind the scenes of the breweries and distilleries. Then next time you’re trying to sound impressive – like at a dinner party or on a date – you’ll have cool stories to tell!
Never Miss A Beat! Nothing goes better with food and drink than music – and Beerfest will keep the vibe going in every corner of the festival. With the Village Brewing, Sled Island and Cold Garden music lounges spinning the whole weekend – you can move like you mean it!
We Rise By Lifting Others – One of the biggest things we have missed by not being able to do our events is how we support our Charities of Choice. This year, we’ll once again be supporting Kids Up Front and AAFS – by coming out to the event, you’ll be helping make great things happen for these amazing organizations. ABF has donated tickets to help with fundraising to over 70 Alberta charities and have helped raise over $300,000 for our charities of choice.
Unforgettable Experiences That Can Change You – Festivals are where unforgettable moments can happen. The atmosphere, everyone having a great time, the chance for shared experiences with friends that can bond you together for life. Beerfest can open your mind to new tastes and new experiences. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite food or drink, find a new love, or take a new path that will lead to the adventure of a lifetime. Remember, great things happen at Beerfest!
Calgary Beerfest is considered one of the premier beer festivals in the world – and this year’s version is shaping up to be the best year

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