Stampede Mementos


We’ve all done it. Gone somewhere memorable and bought a postcard, t-shirt or mug to remember it by. Then a couple of years later we’re cleaning up the basement and find a bag of memorabilia we’ve never looked at again.

Don’t let that happen here. During Stampede you’ll find cowboy paraphernalia on sale everywhere, primarily in the form of the iconic cowboy hat. If you really want an authentic icon, consider buying a hat from Smithbilt Hats, located in Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood, Inglewood.

They make everything from the iconic White Hats that Calgary graces visiting celebrities with to the black hats our Police wear. And they make them right here in town. They recently moved down the block into a renovated barn, and the new location is a joy to shop in. Plus, you can look down from the showroom floor to see the equipment they make the hats with, using the same techniques as 100 years ago.

If the CPS expect these hats to last their foot patrol 10 years, one of them will last you a lifetime. Something a little more memorable than a mug!