International Irish Drinking Day!

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Otherwise known as St. Patrick’s Day, this year it falls on Sunday March 17th. 

An official Catholic Saint’s Feast Day since the 17th Century, celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and Irish culture in general, this festival is celebrated in more countries than any other national holiday, and here in Canada one of our Provinces even lists it as an official holiday!

Alberta has its fair share of the Irish diaspora, and we certainly get our St. Patrick’s on with the best of them. For a bit of a historical bent, try Heritage Park’s Shamrocks & Shenanigans, for something a bit high-brow try Heather Rankin with the Calgary Philharmonic, if you need some ingredients for your boxty, hit up the Calgary Farmer’s Market, and if you want to get some miles on before you get your Guinness on, there’s the St Patrick’s Day Road Race.

Your local establishment will almost certainly celebrate this day, but if we may drop some names, check out Stoney Nakoda Resort if you want to get out of town, or the Ironwood if you want a fun local night out.