Happy International Beer Day!


Established 2007 in, where else, California, Interational Beer Day has expanded to encompass over 200 cities, 80 countries and 6 continents.

Now Wikipedia lists many food days, amongst them International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, and German Beer Day, and there’s even days devoted to coffee, tea and waffles, but today we honour beer.

Calgary doesn’t appear to have a specific event today, surprising considering how many micro breweries have been popping up lately, so we suggest you take IBD’s advice and celebrate by drinking good beer with good friends. Try a beer you’ve never had before, thank your brewer, thank your bartender, and don’t forget the traditional salute of beer-giving: “I bring you the gift of beer.”

As for us, well, we’re considering a visit to Prairie Dog, the Wild Rose, perhaps Last Best, Brewster’s, or perhaps a trip on this long weekend (with a designate driveer, of course) out to Canmore Brewing, the Grizzly Paw, or Banff Ave Brewing. Personally we’re considering walking around the corner to Dandy Brewing, walking the dog to Cold Garden, or visiting Highline.