Dining to Go

Food apps are in your future — Wanda Baker

Food apps have become an important part of the food community scene and are changing the way we think about dining and in some cases, how we eat. You can find restaurants with Yelp, discover new brews to love using Just Beer, or enjoy breakfast in the comfort of your own bed with Skip The Dishes. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular food apps in the area, some even made locally. All apps listed are free and available on both IOS and Android.

ClickDishes – www.clickdishes.com

ClickDishes is the latest kid on the food app block and was created in Calgary. This new mobile food app enables customers to order in-app, while streamlining to-go ordering, dine in eating, and payment services. This process allows restaurant staff to put more focus into delivering quality meals and experiences while ensuring customer satisfaction and quicker table turnaround. From your phone, you order your meal and pay when it’s time to go making this a seamless and unique dining experience.

Just Beer – www.justbeerapp.com

Beer lovers rejoice. The Just Beer app is here to connect beer lovers and enthusiasts all around the world with the Just Beer app. Users learn about beer by researching various brews, adding new beers, connecting with fellow beer lovers, and contributing an opinion on any beer they’ve tried. You’ll find interesting stories with recommendations like “what beer to drink if gardening naked”, pick up some great beer quotes to share with your friends, and find a listing of beer related events in your area. This app has it all. The only thing missing? Pizza!

Just Eat – www.just-eat.ca

When you are feeling hungry, have an empty fridge and no desire to leave your house, it’s Just Eat to the rescue. This food app is available online and on your smart phone, offering a quick and easy search feature, secure and easy payment options with online guarantees of no sneaky charges or hidden fees. An array of cuisines is available for those wanting to venture into the unknown in the comfort of their own home.

Nowait – www.nowait.com

Why wait in line at your favourite restaurant when you can view the current wait times and add yourself to the waitlist with the touch of a button. Nowait takes the wait out of long line ups and gives you control as you watch the line up decrease on your smartphone. Receive a notification text once you are close to the front of the line and arrive in time to get seated. This benefits both restaurants and diners alike.

Open Table – www.opentable.com

Make online reservations and earn points towards free meals. Open Table allows you to search restaurants based on cuisine, neighbourhood, what’s hot or what’s not. When you are ready, book yourself a bar seat or reserve the best table for a celebration. No more voice mail or being put on hold, you control the entire process.

SkipTheDishes – www.skipthedishes.com

Ordering in just got easier. Skip The Dishes delivers your food hot, or cold from the restaurant of your choice. Simply enter your address, choose delivery or pick up, and find restaurants willing to deliver with a smile on their face. Keep an eye out for those restaurants offering free delivery if you spend a certain amount on food.

Street Food Calgary – www.streetfoodapp.com

The food truck phenomenon continues to grow and makes street food a sought-after cuisine, even inspiring food shows. With new trucks emerging all the time, the Street Food app at time of print, offers up to 935 food trucks to hungry street food eaters across North America. This app will help you chase down your favourite truck based on location, day and time. Planning a lunch date on a Friday? Check the app to determine what food trucks will be open and use the included map to help you find your destination.

UberEATS – www.ubereats.com

First came Uber, then came UberEATS. This well-known ridesharing company has been offering food delivery since 2015. Already established in the United States, they have entered the Canadian market and are heading West with locations currently operating in Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. UberEATS enables you to have your food delivered by an Uber driver and track your order via a little car icon as it makes its way to you. Expect UberGames to be the next big thing (we called it first).

Yelp is one of the most popular social networking sites for both small businesses and the food community. More than just a food destination app, Yelp offers reviews, events, tips, photos and maps for any business. From playing tourist in your own city to looking for a local coffee shop while road tripping, Yelp is your one stop shopping app. Yelpers can become Elites by offering regular reviews giving them access to private events and perks. Love it or hate it, Yelp is here to stay.

This smartphone app makes finding food destinations around the world easy with the touch of a finger. Browse menus, location, and user reviews about the dining experience at any food destination to help you decide where to eat. With so many locations to choose from, you may want to start looking well in advance. This app speaks to the picky eater in all of us.

If you’re not already there, it’s time to jump on the food app train as development and growth of these applications does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. With the tech scene rapidly picking up momentum and new apps being developed locally we look forward to the next big thing.