Chef Trevor Hopper

Chef Trevor Hopper in front of a wall of empty wine bottles at Smuggler’s Inn

Smuggler’s Inn

As a child the idea of cooking struck me as interesting. Though I did not fully understand the fundamentals of it, it still did not stop me from experimenting. From as early as I could remember I was creating, For one example, when I was 5 and my parents were entertaining guests I decided I would be helpful and make a dish for our company: it consisted of chopped carrots, ice cubes and water. From there my interest grew until age 15 where I started my work career in the restaurant industry. By now I found that cooking came very easy for me, and the science behind it. After high school I started seasonally at River Spirit Golf Course, where I learned the most about cooking as there was a lot of free time and resources to experiment with. I spent most of that summer reading out of the Larousse gastronomique and trying out new things that I had not done before. The year after I became head chef of the golf course but decided to leave at the end of the season to gain hours towards a cook apprenticeship. I ended up doing this at Smuggler’s Inn under Gary Hennessey where I have been since. I am still experimenting as I did as a child and my love for cooking has never been stronger this includes having a roof top garden and making my own cheese.